Our commitment


Novia Global has always carefully considered its position as a company and employer in Bath. We're committed to the protection of the environment and aim to minimise the impact of our business activities by applying effective environmental management initiatives. Our management reviews for environmental impact are part of decision-making processes and we strive to improve performance factors by minimising waste and maximising recycling wherever possible.

Paperless documentation

As a company we have been largely paperless since inception and are fortunate to have the technology in place to reduce the environmental burden of paper. All documentation is provided online by default. In other words, if clients wish to receive their documents on paper, they will need to actively opt for this. This saves million sheets of paper each year.

Recycling safely

We do everything we can to minimise paper production, but because we can't always control how we receive documentation at our office, we optimise our secure recycling capabilities once the paper journey is complete. All desk paper bins have been removed and replaced with central recycling units. These measures led to a three-fold increase in our recycling within the first 12 months since implementation. 


Our electricity supplier, Opus, provides energy from 100% renewable resources. In addition, around 10% of the energy needs for our offices comes from the solar panels on our building. We have replaced all lighting with LED lights to save energy. For anyone brewing a cup of coffee in the office, there is no need to use an energy hungry kettle; boiling water is available via an energy saving tap from a heat-conserving insulated tank.



Employee well-being

We take staff health and well-being very seriously. All staff are automatically entitled to private medical insurance upon joining the company. The medical insurance plan is provided by AXA PPP and ensures that staff get quick and easy access to the medical care that they need, allowing them to get well and back to work when they can. The company understands the importance not only of the physical well-being of employees, but of their mental well-being too and the cover provides support for both. In 2019 a number of staff undertook training as mental health first aiders. The company has also looked at initiatives it can take to help employees achieve good mental health. Also in 2019, through an invitation from a company within our office building, staff had the opportunity to attend mindfulness sessions. This was very well received by all those who attended.

Product standards

Providing products and services in an industry such as Financial Services means that we understand the importance of providing products and services of the highest standard and ethics. As a company we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we work hard every day to ensure that we meet their rules and guidelines for client protection and transparency with everything we do. 



Business advisers

We have always understood the importance that any company, and particularly those in the Financial Services sector, must place upon good corporate governance. The company, directors and the board have put a solid framework in place to make sure that good governance is embedded throughout the company. 

The Company Board

The Board meets on a monthly basis, with additional special meetings as required. The Board has responsibility for the overseeing of all day-to-day matters of the company but it has a particular responsibility for reviewing trading performance, resources, standards of conduct, funding, strategy and reporting to shareholders.