Novia Global

Novia Global offers Advisers, Private Banks and Trust Companies the opportunity to efficiently and effectively manage investments. Our Platform service provides access to a wide selection of assets, a suite of portfolio management tools and a choice investment management services.

We have three core values that make up our mission statement, these are:

Principled - we hold ourselves to account, work to the highest possible standards and engage with firms that hold the same values

Professional - we take the same amount of care of our clients’ money as we do our own

Transparent - we aim to deliver a clean and unambiguous proposition to our advisers and their clients


We also work closely with a number of other professional organisations to deliver an efficient service.

Pershing (Channel Islands) Limited

Pershing provide our asset custodian service. They provide global execution services to multiple asset classes across the UK, Europe, US and Asia.


Our core operating system is delivered by our IT partners GBST.

Established in Australia, where over 90% of Adviser investment business is carried out through investment platforms, GBST has been developing software solutions for funds administration and financial services since 1996 and for platform solutions since 1999. They entered the UK market in 2003 and have established a reputation for delivering high quality, robust, functionally advanced software which has scalability to meet business demands.

GBST provides technology to power four of the top 10 investment platforms in Australia and a number of other blue chip companies. Collectively, these providers administer in excess of $250bn on GBST's Composer technology. 

Financial Express

Financial Express are experts at providing specialist data for platforms and power our comprehensive suite of portfolio management tools. We combine our skills and knowledge to improve existing tools as well as developing new ones.

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